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  • Richard Ford
  • Oliver Sacks
  • Toni Morrison
  • Liev Schreiber
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Recent Work

Gaslighting: is an apology necessary to heal after you’ve been abused?

Restorative justice is an approach to healing. But how is it possible with sociopaths, pathological liars, blackout drinkers who rely on fractured memory for truth?

The Illness That Had No Name

Review. Little Panic. Dispatches From an Anxious Life By Amanda Stern

Nobody’s Son

A Son Writes of His Mother’s Painful Past

Bruno Hansen

The All-True, Unbelievable, Death-Defying Tale of the World's Greatest Paraplegic Surfer

How to Survive Gaslighting

Ariel Leve offers strategies to stay resilient in the face of psychological abuse that distorts the truth – much like what’s coming from Trump’s administration.

Silent retreat in Bali

Beautiful views, meditative walks and delicious food may create the perfect mood for a mindful break – but our writer discovers that being in the moment is hard work

Liev Schreiber Cover Story

Liev Schreiber Is Looking for Clarity.

John Irving Cover Story

His novels are epic, explicit — and shaped by his unusual childhood. The author talks about his lost father, being seduced at 11, and getting a second stab at life.

Richard Ford

He never intended to be a writer, yet the Pulitzer prize-winning author is considered one of the American greats, ranked with William Faulkner and Raymond Carver. With his seventh novel now published, he explains to Ariel Leve how he ended up ‘doing this’

Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison believes that divorce is good for you, that Viagra should be banned, and that reality TV shows are little more than modern-day ‘lynchings’. And when she talks, presidents listen.

Oliver Sacks

As he approaches 80 and reflects on his life as a pre-eminent neurologist and author, Oliver Sacks tells Ariel Leve about hallucinations – drug-induced and otherwise – why some patients become friends and how ‘Star Trek’ can cure writer’s block

Private World

At the foot of the Indonesian island's 'mother mountain' sits a secluded villa designed by Idanna Pucci, one of PORTER's best kept secrets.

Angela Lansbury

"I'm never left behind. I'm the bionic woman"

Dambisa Moyo

The economist Dambisa Moyo seems undaunted by the big, bleak questions facing us today, from the decline of the West to – in her latest book – the battle raging for the earth’s dwindling resources. So, asks Ariel Leve, are we really all doomed?

Emma Watson

Emma Watson has talent,money and brains, but feels overwhelmed by stardom. Ariel Leve finds her fragile and tearful as the offers of work come rolling in.